Thorough understanding



We are thorough in all phases of the executive search process. Only with thoroughness in all phases of the executive search process can you identify and hire the right candidate for the job. Our consultants are thorough in interviewing candidates on their drives, personality, talent, leadership and the human being behind the leader. They are thorough in mapping the vacant position and the team in which the candidate will be placed. And they are very tenacious.


Candidate development orientation is in the genes of the Career Openers Executive Search consultant. Where does the candidate stand in their leadership development? Which position matches that? These are the core issues that a Career Openers consultant has in mind as they put questions to their candidate. Career Openers consultants are clear about conclusions in their feedback, in the interest of the candidate‚Äôs development. Candidates might not always find this feedback easy, but in the long run they appreciate it. And, by the way, these strong candidate development relationships are exactly why we can also find those ‘odd one out’ candidates to add to the shortlist.

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