Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment

If you have candidates in your own network (internal or external) who might be suitable for vacant C-level positions, it is not always necessary to work with a headhunter. In that case, you will need to decide whether the candidate is right for your organization, and you want to be certain that the candidate is suitable for this position.

At this level, a traditional assessment is often not the right solution. It’s too cumbersome for you and the candidate, and it does not always produce the desired result. Due to lack of focus on real experience, performance, and relevant business setting, a traditional assessment often misses the mark.

That is exactly where an executive assessment by Career Openers Executive Search can help.

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Our executive assessment includes an online test, an interview with two consultants, and five in-depth reference checks. On the basis of this work, we produce a concise and pragmatic report about whether an executive is fit for task or requires further development.


The Career Openers executive assessment goes further than a simple test and interview to identify skills, competences, and experience. It is enhanced with extensive and systematic references. Thanks to many years of experience in selection and coaching, and the focus in the assessment on real experience and performance, you get a clearer picture of the candidate’s former mandate, actual performance and how they really react under pressure.


With our in-depth knowledge of the market, Career Openers has what it takes to properly benchmark candidates. In addition, candidates appreciate our professionalism, openness, and feedback in the process.

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Executive Assessment

Other reasons for an Executive Assessment
  • Potential

    For assessing whether your talented internal candidate is capable of taking the next step to the boardroom.

  • Performance

    For an executive board member with performance issues.

  • Development

    For development issues when appointing a new executive board member.