Sr. HR Business Partner Europe

GP Industries Group, Consumer Brands

  • Amsterdam
  • Human Resources
  • 8 - 12 year


about the role

Jeroen Hoogland, SVP & General Manager

“For this position, I am looking for a person that can be a credible partner for the business. The role has a broad focus, as you are literally responsible for the complete HR agenda in our organization. Projects vary widely. They may for instance relate to organizational development and staffing to performance management and the insourcing of HR services.

At this moment I have these urgent priorities in the HR domain. Our new Sr. HRBP is expected to help enhance the further professionalization of our international organization. One of the first challenges is to take the lead in developing a “backoffice hub” for KEF. Our intention is that this hub will offer support services to all countries within different functional areas like logistics, finance, service and IT. In addition, it is key to take our existing HR policies to the next level across the different European countries. Evidently, this always needs to be done taking into consideration the local culture, business and other country specific characteristics and legislation.

Naturally, there is a link with our Group HR Director in Hong Kong, but here in Europe he/she will be our only HR professional. Hence, we will have a close cooperation and I will interact a lot with this new colleague. The role requires a high level of pragmatism and proactiveness. There is a wide spectrum of relatively senior internal business customers, who are active in different  countries. You will be accountable for the added value delivered for the business and the extent to which stakeholders experience this.

The intensity of the role is high. You carry a broad responsibility and the business-urgency of HR matters requiring your focus is often high. Simultaneously, you need to manage your own resources efficiently.

In this role it is definitely not the intention to develop an HR strategy in a way that is typical for more corporate organizations. In that case, the new colleague will not be successful. On the other hand, it is very important to be systematically and closely connected to the business and work together towards a number of long term HR goals. Consequently, this requires a person to be  highly self-starting as well as having a high level of pragmatism.

There are presently short-term HR challenges to be managed, but at the same time there is definitely a long-term agenda. For example, I see some key developments in our business environment where I would be eager to discuss their implications for our organization with our new Sr. HRBP. In this context, you could think about matters like the increasing role of digital in our market and/or the way that we have presently structured our sales roles.

Our new colleague will need to be interculturally sensitive, as he/she will constantly work with internal and external stakeholders across countries. The cross-cultural mindset will be a key driver of success in the role. For the right talent there are more  future career opportunities to further progress in our company. These could potentially also include roles abroad!”

the profile

What you are going to do

A strategic choice from GP Group to strengthen the HR function throughout the company was taken a couple of years ago. This role supports this decision and emphasis on integration and developing of HR processes further in the EU organization.

Focus is to establish and implement cross countries HR policies and programs in line with business/function strategy defined by HQ Hong Kong. The Sr. HRBP will work in close cooperation with HR Hong Kong ensuring HR fundamentals are in place. Next to this the HR will also ensure daily HR operation is effective and provide HR solutions and support to the business, managers and employees throughout the organization.

This role is based in NL and will support the Consumer Brands businesses (KEF and GP Batteries Consumer Sales) in Europe. The team in NL works in the Amsterdam area in Spaces office locations. The geographical scope includes UK, NL, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain & Sweden. Travel to offices outside NL is expected. Especially in the start-up phase of the role, travelling will more intense (40/50%). Once established in the role, travelling is expected biweekly to the UK and rest of EU pending HR projects. Travel to Hong Kong will happen once or twice a year.

Opleiding en ervaring 

  • Bachelor/Masters Degree;
  • 8-12 years work experience;
  • At least 2 years of general HR experience;
  • Experience in managing (sr.) internal stakeholders.


  • Hands on, pragmatic approach; problem solving
  • Analytically Strong, Fact-Based;
  • Organizational and Cultural Sensitivity; 
  • Strong interpersonal & communication skills;
  • Good command of English and Dutch, other EU language is a plus.


3 reasons why this position would fit me
  • I get energy from different cultures
  • I am a credible Business Partner
  • I am pragmatic entrepreneurial.


4 reasons why this position would not fit me
  • I like to come up with big strategies
  • I have trouble adjusting
  • If I am not sure about things
  • I will not come to a decision.

The process

How are we going to work together?
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interview quote

GP Industries Group, Consumer Brands

“In this role, you will be partnering with our EU managers and together shaping the European organization towards growth and leadership.”

Jeroen Hoogland, SVP & General Manager Consumer Brands Europe


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