Pricing Analyst

Apollo Vredestein BV

  • Amsterdam
  • Finance
  • 3 - 6 year


about the role

Jolinde Rook, HR Manager and

Tobias Morbitzer, Pricing Manager:


Jolinde: “It is a great moment to join our company. Our ambition in the coming years is to be amongst the most premium brands in our markets. Our new factory in Hungary recently opened doors, so we need to be growing further to take advantage of our higher production capacity. We will have challenging initiatives and projects to realize our strategy and it will be interesting to participate in these projects. Apollo Vredestein offers a good mix with aspects of a family owned company with its own typical traditions, but we also have the possibilities and the scope of a large multinational. This means we have ambitious goals, a vibrant international culture and possibilities to compete with global market leading brands. In our office in Amsterdam you work close to the leadership team, the door of the directors’ offices are open for you. You can expect freedom to take initiatives, ideas to improve our company are seen as valuable.”


Tobias: “Pricing is a delicate subject. Everyone has a strong opinion about this topic. Our corporate strategy is to improve the price position comparing to other brands. The sales people would like to see lower prices and the head of finance wants to set higher prices. An exciting moment is when we launch the new price list. As Pricing Manager I will help to get a decent price list, but our new Pricing Analyst may give the presentation to the organization. To determine the right prices lots of data need to be analyzed. We have enough data available, the key is to find out the source of the data and which conclusions can be drawn from the data. Once you have found useable data the challenge is to create easy understandable reports. It will be an important target in the first year of our new Pricing Analyst to create these reports, because our sales people need them to make the best business decisions. You will also need to provide a clear story of your data to back up the conclusions you drew from this data. This job offers a large area of responsibility. You will build relationships with all of our Country leaders across Europe to help them with the right price setting. If you do this correctly you can easily have impact on our business results. In comparison to same positions at other companies you will experience freedom and you can add more creativity in the execution of your job.”

Candidate profile

Jolinde: “The new Pricing analyst needs to be smart and he or she needs to have well-developed analytical skills. You need to like working with numbers and we are looking for someone that is an expert in Excel. We would like to see a new colleague that is able to analyze our processes and proactively signs where we can improve results and reduce costs. You also need to be proactive because nobody will bring information to you, you have to pull for the right data. In this position you are in contact with quite senior sales people, most often the Country managers. You have to build stable relationships with them, since they need to trust you as an advisor. It is important to understand their opinions and considerations. On the other hand you will challenge them and convince the sales leaders to set different prices. This asks for strong interpersonal skills, we are looking for someone that is able to connect and challenge colleagues in a higher level of seniority. After a period in this position you will learn to translate data into commercial stories. A successful Pricing Analyst is an appreciated advisor who helps to achieve better business results. The intention is that the Pricing Analyst can success Tobias as the new Pricing Manager in a few years.”

the profile

What you are going to do

The main responsibility for the Pricing Analyst is to determine the pricing strategy that fits the strategic growth targets of Apollo Vredestein by analyzing the market. Convincing all different internal stakeholders of the chosen pricing strategy is the prevalent challenge in this job. Therefore, the numbers need to be translated in clear messages.

The Pricing Analyst reports to the Pricing Manager. There will be one other Pricing Analyst in the team. The most important stakeholders are Country (Sales) Managers, Marketing team members and people of the financial department. Presentations about pricing strategy will be held for Head of Sales or Head of Finance.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor/Master degree preferably in Business or Finance;
  • 3 years of professional working experience;
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Excel;
  • Knowledge of SAP and Power BI is a plus;
  • Experience in international environment is a plus;
  • Experience in automotive industry is a plus;
  • Experience with pricing is a plus.



  • Analytical skills;
  • Creativity;
  • Communication skills;
  • Planning and organizing;
  • Persuasion power;
  • Initiative;
  • Independence;
  • Organizational sensitivity.


2 reasons why the job fits you
  • I love to work with Excel
  • Challenging is part of my skill set


2 reasons why the job doesn't fit you
  • My analytical skills are not very good
  • I am not a self-starter that takes initiatives

The process

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interview quote

Apollo Vredestein BV

“The Pricing Analyst has a large area of responsibility, he or she will build relationships with the Country leaders across Europe to help them with the right price setting. If this is done correctly there can easily be made impact on our business results.”

Tobias Morbitzer, Pricing Manager


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