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  • Utrecht
  • Operations
  • 10 - 15 year


about the role

Otto van Haaren (CEO), Rob van Herpen (CCO) and Nick Pauli (COO):

Otto: “I truly believe that you can make a difference for your clients in providing perfect customer journeys. It is not enough to just offer a number of agents per day as often happens. It’s about how customers experience the way they have been helped. For example, we offer solutions on pay per use concepts. You really can’t compare 5CA with a traditional large customer contact centre.”

Rob: “We really have a close working relationship with our clients. For each project there are dedicated teams spread around the world and we make sure that together they cover different languages. As we primarily operate in the gaming and technology sector, we work with highly skilled, dedicated agents, who get a solid training on the client, its products etc. Most of our agents work full-time, raising their knowledge levels. I think the high quality level of our employees is one of the main advantages of 5CA.

We also really help clients to improve their own processes. For example, if we notice that support volumes increase due to difficulties for customers to return merchandise, we discuss it with the client and find a solution together. For me it’s essential to work closely with the Manager Operations on these matters. He or she has to provide the insights to his team: what exactly are the number of calls regarding RMA’s, what do customers complain about, what should the client do differently and if he makes adjustments, how does that impact the customer journey? Hence, the Manager Operations regularly visits clients together with the Client Service Manager to give advice.”

Nick: “For me it’s important that the Operations Manager understands the industry. You have to be able to assess where there’s room for improvement and make quick decisions. 5CA is a company that constantly changes and you will need the flexibility to adjust.”

Otto: “Someone who likes routine, doesn’t fit. People also expect you to lead by ex­amp­le and to provide guidance to your employees. This guidance has to be based on facts. Just deciding on gut feeling doesn’t work. There’s a lot of data available. Therefore, I expect that the Manager Operations has the thinking capacity and skills to make a sound analysis and then start the dialogue to discuss different options before taking a decision.”

Nick: “Because the teams are in different locations, communication is also essential. Keep people in the loop of your decision process, involve them and explain your choices. Make sure that also the people who don’t work in Utrecht are aligned. I think it would be a big achievement, if the Manager Operations is able to really create one team spread over different locations and that people would experience it as a single unit.”

the profile

What you are going to do

As Operations Manager you are responsible for a smooth operation of 4 – 6 projects both in Utrecht and WFH. 

5CA has been able to successfully innovate over the last 20 years. Moving forward, this innovative mindset will remain essential for 5CA’s growth and the Operations Manager will have an important role in this. (S)he needs to be able to continuously improve current processes with eye for the client’s wishes and new technologies available on the market.

The Operations Manager is required to develop a vision on the organization of his/her teams in Utrecht and Working From Home. Although they are physically separated, these teams have to work closely together for the same clients, requiring strong management skills. 5CA’s ambition is to grow its revenue by approximately 35% annually with a focus on expanding its work from home team.

The Operations Manager has a wealth of data at his/her disposal through 5CA’s proprietary data warehouse. (S)he is expected to use this data to the fullest extent to make informed decisions and steer the operation.

The Operations Manager is expected to be fully capable of applying the company’s vision in further expanding the operation using proven methodologies.

Education and experience

  • Bachelor or Master degree;
  • 10+ years of experience;
  • Strong track record leadership positions, is able to manage large teams with indirect reports;
  • Experience with process optimization and project management;
  • Knowledge of Customer Service industry;
  • Affinity with innovation and technology is a must-have.


  • Flexible management style; is sensitive and empathic;
  • Decisive; is able to find a balance between collecting all information necessary and taking decisions when needed;
  • Drive, pervasiveness and execution power;
  • Transparent; keeps people in the loop and is able to manage expectations;
  • Results-oriented: focus on “getting things done” and monitoring progress;
  • Strong commercial and customer-orientation;
  • Conceptual and innovative thinking capacity;
  • Fluent in English.


2 redenen waarom de baan bij jou past
  • Multicultural collaboration excites me
  • Innovation and quality are key in my world


2 redenen waarom de baan niet bij jou past
  • Involving others is what I dislike
  • I can't function without routine

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interview quote


"Someone who likes routine, doesn’t fit. People also expect you to lead by example and to provide guidance to your employees."

Otto van Haaren, CEO


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