Commercial Lead Pet Healthcare

Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Amsterdam/Alkmaar
  • Sales
  • 7 - 10 year


about the role

Joost Schaaff, Head of Pet Healtcare (a.i.) Nederland 

“Key is to re-vitalize a category and its most well know brand. For someone with an active interest in FMCG, this is an exciting challenge with all kinds of marketing, trade marketing, and sales implications. Also, there are significant e-commerce and digital opportunities, as I estimate a large proportion of the business to unfold in digital.

From a marketing angle, the category is very interesting. There are unique elements, like the emotions involved in owning a pet. Also for instance, the consumer-insight that our product can protect children from infections that pets untreated for fleas may spread. Next to this, flea’s inflict pain and causes stress for pets. It is our goal is to “make Dutch pets stress and pain free” by educating the consumers. Our major competitor-brands are for instance Bayer’s Advantix and Bolfo.

I foresee that we can move the business to about 300% growth within the next two years. At the foundation of this, are collaborations with key consumer retailers, both traditional ones as well as e-commerce channels. We’ve noticed that customers are enthusiastic about what we have to offer. Presently, Frontline has a purchase intention of 50%, whilst 33% of NL actually recently bought our brand. There is work to be done and therefore we developed an ambitious 2020 activity calendar. Although there is massive business potential, this will not be an easy ride. There will be external challenges in the marketplace, as well as internal challenges in our organization. It is key that our new colleague is able to motivate and inspire all external and internal stakeholders. This role is interesting for an ambitious entrepreneurial person who is up for a challenge. 

We like to create demand at consumer retailers. We are also considering an online subscription model, as our product typically requires frequent and consistent repeat-usage. The new Commercial Lead PHC needs to be a commercial strategist, but also needs to be hands on. On one hand, HQ deals need to be negotiated and tactics for increased penetration and usage frequency need to be thought out. Yet, on the other hand, the role is hands on and the new colleague needs to roll up his/her sleeves to do the required ground work. For the right talent, there are ample growth opportunities. Also international.”

the profile

What you are going to do

The essential objective of the role is to revitalize the pet healthcare category and thereby the Frontline brand.

Education and experience

  • Academic degree. Preferably in business/economics;
  • 7-10 years work experience;
  • Experience in FMCG, supplier or retail.


  • Self-starting;
  • Conceptual/analytic abilities;
  • Customer orientation;
  • Drive and ambition;
  • Change mindset;
  • Organizational sensitivity;
  • Leadership; Entrepreneurial mindset.


2 reasons why this position would fit me
  • You are an ambitous entrepreneur
  • You are a commercial business builder


2 reasons why this position would not fit me
  • You don't have a change mindset
  • You are not able to motivate and inspire others

The process

How are we going to work together?
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  • Assessment + Persoonlijk gesprek

    Voer het online assessment uit en bespreek jouw drijfveren, geboekte resultaten, competenties en ontwikkelpunten.

  • Introductie

    Voer gesprekken bij de opdrachtgever.

interview quote

Boehringer Ingelheim

“We want to make Dutch cats and dogs free of pain.”

Joost Schaaff, Head of Pet Healthcare Nederland (a.i.)


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