Business Developer


  • Zwaagdijk-Oost
  • Strategy / Business Development
  • 4 - 7 year


about the role

Marjolein Slappendel, Director of Business Development & Treasury and Jorieke Hogeland, Senior Recruiter:


“Working at ACTION is different to working anywhere else. No other retail experience can compare to what we do, how we do it and what we offer. We are the most successful and fastest growing retailer in Europe. This is not ‘just another job’, but about being part of one of the most dynamic retail environments in Europe, about building a future for yourself and joining a culture of opportunity.”


“The Business Developer has an attractive position in our organization. You will be working on complex and strategic projects in the growth of our company in collaboration with the decision makers in the board and at our PE partner. Our team needs to add value to the business. We want to help our colleagues in a way they didn’t expect to find within our company. Our presence must help them quickly with analysis, structures, connections and vision on long term strategies. The amount of new requests we receive from the business gives me an indication of how much value we are adding to the company.”

Candidate profile

“The Business Developer we’re looking for is able to think at an abstract level and demonstrates a high level of pragmatism and flexibility. You are confident in making proposals for the efficient design of processes and you actively identify the wishes and needs of the internal customer and deliver where possible even more or quicker than was agreed. Being organized is a must, you are able to structure activities and projects and stick to agreements within deadlines.”

“In this position we are looking for a person that shows a level of excellence, we are looking for the candidate that brings something extra. You need to be eager to learn and to show that you want to make an extra mile to achieve results. You will learn to work with decision makers and after a period in this position you will know everything about the strategy of an international retail company. Our Business Developers have good opportunities for career development and growth. If you are successful in this job you can make the step to the next position within ACTION after about 1,5 to 2 years.”

the profile

What you are going to do

The Business Developer works in a small team of three colleagues and reports to the Director of Business Development & Treasury Marjolein Slappendel. Due to an internal promotion we are looking for a new Business Developer. He or she ensures that key projects are implemented on time and the targeted results delivered, in order to contribute to the overall growth and efficiency within the company. In addition, the person will perform analyses and prepare reports regarding market developments, competition and strategic priorities, and coordinates the annual strategic planning cycle. The main stakeholders in this position are the Business Development team, the CEO, CFO, (Senior) Management and people of 3i.

It is expected that the responsibilities of the Business Developer will continue to expand with the growth of the business. But the Business Developer will also be able to make an impact from the get-go with: Projectmanagement, Srategy and Advisory.

Experience and skills

  • Academic level;
  • Approximately 4-6 years of working experience in strategy consulting, private equity or project management;
  • Fluent in English both written and spoken;
  • Excellent Power Point skills;
  • Experience in retail is preferred.


  • Fits within the Action culture of down to earth and roll up your sleeves;
  • Positive thinker, works towards solutions;
  • Teamplayer, looks for opportunities to cooperate and helps others to reach their goals;
  • Pragmatic and flexible;
  • Communicates well on all levels both in- and externally;
  • Well organized, is able to structure activities and projects, sticks to agreements within deadlines and according to guidelines.


2 reasons why this position would fit me
  • I am curious and eager to learn
  • Complex and strategic projects give me a lot of energy


2 reasons why this position would not fit me
  • Deadlines and responsibilities get me stressed
  • Career development is not my top priority

The process

How are we going to work together?
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  • Assessment + Persoonlijk gesprek

    Voer het online assessment uit en bespreek jouw drijfveren, geboekte resultaten, competenties en ontwikkelpunten.

  • Introductie

    Voer gesprekken bij de opdrachtgever.

interview quote


“This is not ‘just another job’, but about being part of one of the most dynamic retail environments in Europe, about building a future for yourself and joining a culture of opportunity.”

Marjolein Slappendel, Director of Business Development & Treasury


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