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Top talent Community


You have an impressive track record at your current employer and have had various promotions. In other words, you are successful and have found your niche. But you cannot help thinking: could I grow faster somewhere else, and what are my possibilities outside this organization?

We stimulate the innovators of today to think about their development into the successful leaders of tomorrow. We serve as an extra sounding board for young executives from the absolute top of the Dutch employment market. We help them to see themselves and their own career and leadership development from the outside.

Want to find out if you qualify for our Top Talent Community?

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The Top talent Community in practice
  • Yearly check-ups

    Discuss your progress and points for attention in your career and leadership development with a supportive and independent consultant.

  • Workshops

    Explore career and leadership-related topics in the company of successful peers and guest speakers.

  • Exploratory meetings

    If you decide to make an external career move, we will put you in touch with relevant employers where there is potential for you to achieve your professional growth goals.

Talent Grid

Do your qualify for our Top Talent Community?

Do you have ‘organizational sensitivity’, and are you a ‘challenger’? We believe that the successful leaders of today and tomorrow score high in both dimensions – or have the potential to do so. We call these extraordinary professionals ‘innovators’. This profile comes from our Talent Grid, which forms the basis for advice on career and leadership development.

As you can probably guess by the name: we warmly welcome innovators to our community. Do you have an impressive track record as proof that you are, or have the potential to become, a leader of tomorrow?

Talent grid