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  • 10 - 15 year


about the role
Stefan Lindh, Head of KHW Retail
Heinrich Jostkleigrewe, Sales Manager
Nina Mellin, Head of HR

Stefan: “COVID-19 has dramatically changed consumer retail spending behavior, and thus has impactfully affected our ‘Retail’ business. In addition, there are important developments for us in the market of ‘Postal and Parcel’. As people will buy more online as well as work more from home this has high impact on supply chain of retailers and thus also our business at KHW. We produce and sell load carriers. In retail logistics, this is an essential piece of hardware in supply chain operations. It is a more cost-effective and more sustainable alternative to a wooden pallet. In essence, we are in the business of saving money for our customers because our solutions boost the efficiency, and drop the emission, of their supply chains.”

Heinrich: “We see it as a priority to be a thought leader in the logistics industry and therefore, we foster an innovation culture. Naturally, our sales force plays in instrumental role in this. KHW has a couple of key USP’s: (a) our R&D capabilities, (b) service quality, and (c) production capacity around the world allowing us to produce in e.g. China, Chech, Poland and Russia. At KHW, we have one of the broadest product-portfolios in the sector and this lets us stand out from our competitors. This also helps us in developing intelligent solutions for our customers. An average sales cycle with a customer will take 4-6 months where we truly partner up with them and get an in-depth understanding of their supply chain. Some of our most important competitors in Retail logistics are for instance: ‘Feil’, ‘Gebhardt’ (Ger) ; and Hoza (NL).
I believe this is an interesting role for an entrepreneurial commercially savvy person that appreciates freedom and can take responsibility. As a stand-alone Sales Manager, working from your home-office and managing the area of DACH and Benelux you are required to be a real self-starter. Naturally, I will be there as a sparring partner for the new colleague and a few times/year we meet physically for a formal meeting and an informal chat!” 

Nina: “One of our key principles is open communication. We really like things to be transparent. We are a family business and thus take a long-term approach. Actually, some family members are active in the business today. Teamwork, low hierarchy (at our offices for example, we do not have separate rooms), high autonomy and working together is essential in achieving our goals. Although we empower people and emphasize freedom, we also trust that our employees can combine this autonomy with the responsibility to perform and deliver quality work.”

Stefan: “I have a saying that can be paraphrased as ‘prioritize selling, instead of reporting!’  Having said this, our new colleague will have a target-responsibility and will be trusted to keep his/her CRM system updated. We have a huge potential for growing the business in the DACH region. There are so many new customers that we could potentially target. Yet, as the area is huge it is important to take an intelligent and focused market approach for the Sales Manager. Main target areas for our new colleague are National retailers where present contacts exist, but also New Business customers. Presently, there is a good customer base of satisfied customers. The next step is now to developing new customers as well. A large driver of our business is consumer retail spending on food. As this is increasing, it is also growingly important for food retailers to develop an efficient and sustainable supply chain. Our solutions at KHW can facilitate this!”

the profile

What you are going to do

The objective of this role is to further develop the business for KWH retail in the region. The Sales Manager has the responsibility to manage a number of existing customer accounts in both D-A-CH and Benelux and to grow the business through new customer acquisition. Typically customers will be those responsible for purchasing and supply chain management at retail organisations. A small proportion of customers will be in Postal & Parcel.

The Sales Manager will report to the Head of the Business Unit, Retail, Stefan Lindh and will be trained by the existing sales manager Heinrich Jostkleigrewe. There will be no direct reports for the Sales Manager. The most important internal other stakeholders are:

  • Head of BU Retail (Stefan Lindh);

  • Marketing and Market Service;

  • Other Sales Managers in KHW Retail;

  • General Sales Manager DACH;

  • Product Development.

Education and experience

  • College education. Preferably with a major in Business/Economics;

  • At least 10 years work experience;

  • At least 5 years B2B experience;

  • A track-record of commercial achievements;

  • Concrete experience in B2B sales is a strong plus;

  • Experience with either Retail or Manual Handling Equipment (MHE) is a plus;

  • Experience with technical equipment related to retail in general is a big plus;

  • Experience in retail and or logistics is a big plus.


  • Fluent in German and English;

  • Conceptual abilities;

  • Entrepreneurial; self-starter;

  • Initiative;

  • Intercultural mindset;

  • Independence;

  • Performance drive;

  • Eager to learn and develop;

  • Ambition;

  • Empathy;

  • Organizational sensitivity;

  • Adaptiveness.


3 reasons why this position would fit me
  • Autonomy and freedom is very important in my job
  • I have an affinity with logistics
  • Solution selling is something I am good at


3 reasons why this position would not fit me
  • I think daily contact with colleagues in the office is very important
  • I don't like to travel for work
  • I don't fit well in a family business
interview quote


''I believe this is an interesting role for an entrepreneurial commercially savvy person that appreciates freedom and can take responsibility. As a stand-alone Sales Manager, working from your home-office and managing the area of DACH and Benelux you are required to be a real self-starter.''

Heinrich Jostkleigrewe, Sales Manager

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