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The world is changing at a rapid pace. In the next ten years, more and more standard work will be automated, making crucial human aspects only more important. These developments cry out for top talent. The new generation of leaders will combine two dimensions: the ability to set and achieve goals based on their own vision, combined with the skill to guide the achievement of those goals with social intelligence.

Career and leadership development for top talent have been at the heart of Career Openers for more than twenty years now. The ambitions and career aspirations of top talent – not just filling a vacancy: that’s our starting point. Thousands of high-potential young professionals and executives have already placed their trust in our independent advice on their career. Warm, long-term relationships: that’s how Career Openers makes a difference. Not only is top talent keen to work with us, but we know their aspirations and motivations like no other agency.

Top talents are essential for the success of an organization, but they are scarce. What can you, as an employer, do to stand out? And how can you retain top talent once they’re on board? Career Openers can help you develop a top talent mindset. We know like no other agency what makes a position attractive to top talent, and we can help to sharpen up your proposition. Career Openers also provides support for interviewing and attracting top talent – we even published a book about it in 2018.

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Career Openers Young Executives

Disciplines and industries

Our consultants focus on specific sectors and specialist fields. Thanks to this focus, we know exactly what a candidate needs to possess to be successful within your industry and organization. This also means that our consultants have an extensive network within their own domain. We understand and know our candidates better.

We are happy to fill manager and director positions at multinationals and mid-market organizations in primarily consulting, digital, e-commerce, finance, general management, HR, marketing, sales/commercial management, strategy, supply chain and operations. We work frequently in the consumer & retail, industrial, private equity, services and technology sector.

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What we can do for your organization
  • Open introductions

    We have a large and warm network of top talents with whom we've built a long-term relationship. We are happy to put relevant candidates in touch with your organization.

  • Search

    We will actively search for candidates for a specific position in your organization.

  • Toptalent Mindset

    Career Openers will help your organization to develop a top talent mindset.


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