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Career Openers Young Executives


At Career Openers, we put top talent in control of their own development. We’ve been giving them reliable and independent advice about their career and leadership development for twenty years now. While we do share interesting and relevant manager and director’s positions, that is never our starting point. You can see us as an external sounding board that helps in making important career choices. Not only now, but throughout the entire career of our candidates.

Career Openers Young Executives

  • open introductions

    We put relevant candidates in touch with organizations. We have a large and warm network of top talents with whom we've built a long-term relationship.

  • Search

    We will actively search for candidates for a specific position in an organization.

  • Toptalent mindset

    Career Openers helps organizations to develop a top talent mindset.

Young Executives

The team
Bart Dietz Managing Partner
Wenda Keijzer Managing Consultant
Peter Freriks Consultant
Irsa Lumbic Management Assistant
Max Hiltermann Research Analyst
Merel Mattijssen Research Analyst
Coen van der Gugten Office Manager