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You have an impressive track record at your current employer. You’re a top talent. But it keeps gnawing at you: is there still room to grow? Even if you work for a leading organization and have actually found your niche, it’s not strange to wonder whether you could grow faster somewhere else.

At Career Openers, you can expect honest and independent advice. While we naturally keep you up to date on interesting and relevant vacancies, for us that is never the starting point. We are here during your career to help you to make strategic career decisions and develop your leadership skills. We put you in control of your own development.

How? By really getting to know you. We identify your plans and aspirations and give insight into potential career paths. Career Openers helps you to grow, excel and make impact where you want it – not only now but during your whole career. In more than twenty years, we have succeeded in helping thousands of high-potential young professionals and executives to think through and plan the next steps in their career and leadership development.

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Using yearly check-ups and workshops, we help the absolute top of the Dutch employment market to grow and develop to become the successful leaders of tomorrow. You can always expect honest and independent advice. If you are ready for a career move, we will help you identify the A positions that fit your development the best.

Our in-house developed Talent Grid leadership model will tell us whether you qualify for our Top Talent Community.

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