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Interim professionals can add significant value in your organisation too. They shoulder the burden if you have a lack of talent and promote flexibility and innovation. A brief lack of talent can be costly. Especially when it plays a critical role for your business. In addition, our economy requires, more than ever before, companies to organise themselves to be enterprising, innovative and flexible. Interim professionals can play a vital role in that transformation, and their specific, proven expertise and entrepreneurial approach is often highly effective.

More and more people consciously choose a career as an interim professional. For increasingly more people, ’employment’ no longer means a permanent ‘job’ at an ’employer’. Interim professionals consciously choose to be free and accept the risks associated with freelancing; they are often among the most motivated and satisfied people in organisations.

All our efforts are aimed at selecting the top talent among interim professionals. Besides reputation and a proven track record, we also select them on the basis of fluidity, the ability to adapt to and integrate quickly into organisations.

The Career Openers DNA (the career and development aspirations of top talent come first) also drives us in our provision of services to interim professionals. We naturally mean a lot to them when it comes to finding challenging new assignments. But we make a difference by being their critical sounding board for career and leadership development. That’s how we create long-term relationships with them and stand out from others in our niche. This works to the benefit of organisations looking for an interim manager, director or specialist.

Because we’ve preselected the best interim professionals for you, we can often propose two candidates within three to five days.

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Career Openers Interim

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Our interim professionals are usually deployed in projects in the field of innovation, strategy, change management and technological development.

Career Openers can put you in touch with interim professionals working at the management and board level and as specialists. We do this for mid-market businesses held by private equity and families within the consumer sector (food and non-food retail, FMCG and durables), digital, omnichannel, e-com, consumer technology, services, agriculture and agri-tech, FMCG and for retail suppliers.

For multinationals and listed companies, we are active at director/VP level within commerce, digital/e-com, finance, HR, operations, supply chain, business development and strategy.

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