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At Career Openers Interim, we focus on top-talent interim professionals. You work at management or board level, or you’re a specialist.

You have decided to develop your career as a freelance interim professional. The freedom of being an entrepreneur fills you with energy. At the same time, your own development is a top priority to you, and you realise that you’re responsible for that yourself. You ask yourself an important question: How can I, as an interim professional, and as a leader, keep developing myself?

For interim professionals too, the candidate is our starting point. Where are you in your development as a professional and as a leader? Once we both have a clear understanding of that, you as an interim professional can expect reliable advice from us.

We invest in warm and long-term relationships by acquiring interesting new assignments, on the one hand, and advising in the field of career and leadership development, on the other.

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Career Openers Interim

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